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Pontiac Firebird 1968 engine compartment with radiator removed for engine removal.

Part 2 of Front End & Engine Removal

Now that the Firebird’s front bumper and most of the front end is removed as shown before, I started digging in deeper to remove the engine. For this to happen, I removed the front fender wheel wells which was located as a separate layer of sheet metal under the front quarter panels. Some old cars [...]

1968 Pontiact Firebird's front bumper removed to get the engine off.

Front Bumper Removal & Part 1 of Front End Restoration

After the Firebird’s interior floorboards were replaced, I decided to start working on the engine and front end area. Our plans were to rebuild the engine with new aftermarket aluminum heads and clean it up. The best way to remove the engine/ transmission is to remove the whole front end and since it was very [...]

A fully restored 68 Firebird floorboard with seat supports.

Restored Interior Firebird Floorboards

I showed before a post about the process of welding in the new floorboards, but forgot to post a final restored picture of the Firebird’s floorboards with a new coat of paint. You can see below an enlarged photo of the 68′ Firebird’s new floorboards. Looks a lot better than the old rusty floorboards. The [...]

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