This site was created for two reasons:

  • Sharing my ’68 Firbird project: To document and blog about updates with my current 1968 Pontiac Firebird car restoration. I hope this helps others restoring a classic car or classic Firebird.
  • Other’s Car or Project: It was also created for other people to sign up and share their updates of their classic car restoration. Although the site is primarily dedicated to older classic Firebird, all Firebird models and other muscle cars are welcome to sign up.

    This allows you to create your own dedicated blog which either shares photos of your finished car or the process of your car restoration. Ask for help with problems or share your experience.

In other words, its a site for all Firebird, Classic car, & Muscle car fans. I consider it a online car club.

I will be posting information about parts we used and share any other helpful information.

-Created, Maintained, Owned, & Powered by Eric R. W.