Part 3 of Engine Hoist


After the fail with hoisting the engine on a lift plate, I decided to just use a engine lift bar. The bar or beam basically hangs over the middle of the engine and has four chains which can be bolted down to the 4 sides of the block.

Once you have the engine lift bar bolted down, you can slowly begin jacking the hydraulic lift hoist up. My engine lift bar has a tilting shaft that can angle the engine/ transmission correctly so nothing hits or binds up on the car.

I am lifting out the transmission with the engine because it is much easier in my opinion and we are replacing the transmission anyway. If you end up removing the engine and front end like I am, you might as well do some work on the transmission.

Hoisting the Pontiac's 350 engine out of the engine bay.

You can see in the photos of me finally removing the Firebird’s dirty engine. The rust in the engine bay look horrible and their is much more work to do. Next, I start working on the engine and replace the front springs, shocks, & bushings.

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